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Nature Map

The South West Nature Map shows the best areas to maintain and expand terrestrial wildlife habitats at a landscape scale.

Nature Map:

  • Selects landscape scale blocks of land which we have called Strategic Nature Areas (SNAs)
  • Was produced using the best available biodiversity data, local expert knowledge and the South West Wildlife Trust's Rebuilding Biodiversity methodology.
  • Selects SNAs that will contain a mosaic of habitats, building on existing core areas and co-existing with other land uses, such as agriculture and recreation.
  • Includes principle rivers as important linear features for biodiversity.

Nature Map can be used to:

  • Identify where most of the major biodiversity concentrations are found and where targets to maintain, restore and re-create wildlife might be best met.
  • Formulate sustainable choices for development, for example through Local Development Frameworks and the Regional Spatial Strategy.
  • Assist in targeting the Environmental Stewardship Scheme.
  • Develop partnerships and projects for biodiversity in the region.
  • Provide a focus for projects that will help biodiversity to adapt to climate change.