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Water & Wetlands Seminar 2009

Biodiversity South West (Woodland Biodiversity sub-Group), in conjunction with the Environment Agency and the Forestry Commission, hosted a seminar on Tuesday March 31st 2009 on 'Woodlands and water: understanding the role of woodland in flood mitigation and water quality'.

This covered the link between woodland and water catchments, the role of floodplain and other woodland types and will also look at mechanisms for delivery, both existing and future projects.

It was an exciting opportunity to both discuss strategy and consider the implementation process in an evolving area of woodland activity. It also coincided with EA's consultation on River Basin Management Plans. Outputs and presentations from the seminar can be viewed below. Discussion will now be held to review these outputs and ensure that this seminar was just the start of the discussion.

If you want to contribute to the Water Framework Directive consultation please see links under Wet woodlands and the Water Framework Directive on the agenda (Ben Bunting).

Handouts Woodland actions for biodiversity and their role in water management (PDF 2.9MB)
Buffer Zones: Their Processes and Potential in Water Protection (PDF 4.7MB)
10.00Arrival and registration.
Tea and coffee.
10.20Welcome and opening remarksJustin Milward, Woodland Trust
10.30 The role of woodland in water management Tom Nisbet, Forest Research The Role of Woodland in Water Management (PPS 21.5mb)
11.00 Wet Woodlands and the Water Framework Directive
You can download the draft River Basin Plan and a consultation form or complete the consultation online.
Ben Bunting, EAWet Woodlands and the Water Framework Directive (PPS 5.5mb)
11.45 Flood & Coastal Risk management - the role of wet woodlands Alan Rafelt, EAFlooding (PPS 12.5mb)
12.15Panel discussion
'The links between woodland and water catchments; the role of floodplain and other woodland types'.
Justin Milward, Woodland Trust Panel discussion notes to follow
13.30 Devon floodplain project
Richard Knott/Nick Whatley, EADevon Floodplain Woodland Project (PPS 14mb)
13.45 South West Water's role in catchment management Martin Ross, SW Water Environment ManagerSouth West Water's role in catchment management (PPS 3.5mb)
14.00 Lessons from the Parrett Catchment Project Ben Thorne, FWAG Floodplain and Catchment Woodland in Somerset (PPS 30.5mb)
14.15 Dartmoor wet woodland project Frances Cooper, Dartmoor National ParkDartmoor Wet Woodland Project (PPS 23.5mb)
14.30 Panel discussion
'Mechanisms for delivery- existing and future projects'
Justin Milward, Woodland TrustPanel discussion notes to follow
15.45Close (tea and coffee available)
Other documentationFeedback From Flipcharts (PDF 0.2mb)